Ceremonial shirt

Ceremonial shirts

tight shirt

The tight shirt

The tight is a morning or afternoon dress. It is worn at weddings and at the most important ceremonies. The shirt is interpreted in two different ways. For old-school supporters the collar must be stiff and the front almost hidden from the tie, called ascot or plastron. The partisans of the modernist school prefer instead a shirt with a folded floscio collar, plastron or even a normal tie, albeit in silk, with a pied-de-poule design.This type of men's shirt, usually made of poplin or piqué fabric, has removable buttons and double or double cuffs French

The Frac Shirt

Among the shirts currently used, it is the one with the longest history, because the frac itself has remained unchanged since the early nineteenth century.
The collar of this type of shirt is tall, starched and with more or less long tips.
In its most classic version, it comes with the shot, that is, a second layer of fabric sewn on the front that gives the garment that rigid and compact effect.
Perfect when accompanied by a white tie knotted in bow ties, it consists of removable buttons in gold or platinum, with or without shins, any slots to attach the shirt to the trousers, as well as cuffs to the French.

Frac shirt
smocking shirt

The Smocking Shirt

The tuxedo shirt can have a diplomatic neck that is tall, stiff and bent with the dots. This ceremonial shirt is not equipped with a removable collar, unlike the Thirties models, and can have precious non-removable buttons.
Pleated is its front, while the cuffs – simple or double – are buttoned to the twins.

For a gala evening, an important ceremony or a chic event, the shirt is always the right choice, because it manages to reflect the mood of the occasion and enhance the outfit you wear.

The details

special fabrics for ceremonial shirts
The Ceremonial Twins


The fabrics chosen are precious, perfect to enhance a high quality blouse garment: twill satin, white poplin and micro armor. Thanks to the choice of these bright and bright materials, the coloring acquires light and character. The color range, from optical white to pearl grays to soft cream, is particularly valued and of great value. In any case, these are shirts and materials perfect for occasions when maximum elegance is required: a gala dinner with illustrious guests, the wedding of the best friend, an unforgettable soirée in the theater or with opera music, a working meeting marked by the formal code.

The neck and cuffs

The neck can be diplomatic, Italian or French but must be strictly with flush stitching, or at the edge of the fabric. It is a must the twin wrist maximum expression of elegance but can also be replaced by the double use wrist: in this case the removable button and the double adoor allow the insertion of the timeless, refined twins. Mother-of-pearl buttons on the front can be kept in sight or hidden from the fake blanket for better cleaning of the front of the shirt.

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