Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Think of all the men you know: friends, relatives, colleagues. Is there someone really the same as someone else? Same life, same ambitions, same character, same tastes, same face. It's pretty unlikely, if not impossible. The truth is, in fact, that we are all different. Each of us has his own personal taste, his physical structure, his needs. Wearing such a garment creates a certain dependence on quality and the pleasure of always appearing at its best: giving it up is impossible.

Clothing should also follow and follow this logic of uniqueness. Those who decide to buy a sartorial garment, make sure to get an exclusive garment. By designing and custom-made your garment, you are guaranteed a unique and personal piece, perfectly adapted to your body. Something that's really right for you and only done for you. Stefano Battistini creates sartorial garments to accompany you in your profession and in your free time, with garments of high quality and great elegance but that at the same time comfortable and satisfying in the look.

Our MISSION is to make every man discover the thrill of experiencing the artisan creation of his tailor-made clothing and the pleasure of dressing with elegance and comfort on working or leisure days.

Each item is handmade by a master craftsman at our laboratories according to your model and taste. We are proud to serve our customers since 1963.

All the features and details you can think of can be created for you. In addition, the precision of sartorial work will allow you to get a perfect fit, the key to enhance your body in the best way. An authentic garment, so as no longer to have to give in to the compromises of ready-to-wear clothing.

Our advice is to dedicate time to every meeting with one of our tailors. He is the person who will advise you on every choice you want to make to ensure your look, often a mirror of personality, therefore, it is essential that he can understand your style needs well as well as know your preferences, your desires.

Tailor-made is a process that should never be rushed and, for us, spending time building a great relationship is part of the pleasure of ordering, owning and wearing.

In addition, our tailors, will also advise you on how to buy a tailoring garment optimizing spending so that the purchase becomes a good investment. 

"Discover the pleasure and emotion of experiencing the creation of your clothing and experiencing comfort and elegance on your days of work or leisure. Ask for a cognitive meeting, without obligation, you will then choose whether to give us confidence". Thank you

Stefano Battistini